About Stefanie

My name is Stefanie Nielsen and I’m glad you found me!

I have struggled with emotional eating, binge eating, restricting, and body image since I was quite young and had never felt like I was good enough.

I was the ‘pretty’ girl who carried around extra weight and was told by boys my age that I had a ‘pretty face’, but I was too ‘chunky’. I was devastated and began equating my self worth with my weight. I didn’t think very highly of myself.

I know the emotional damage and hopelessness that negative body image and food issues bring.

Eating comforted me, numbed me, and also made me feel worthless. It brought on a lot of depression and perpetuated my old belief that I wasn’t valuable. I was stuck in a cycle of self hatred. I thought that I would never be good enough.

I often found myself in extremely negative self talk the majority of the day – and I assumed that all those thoughts about how ‘messed up’ I was were true. I also was trapped in an obsessive thought pattern around food, calories, and my body. It had gotten so bad, that I found myself counting the grams of protein, carbohydrates, and fats in my head after meals to see if I could eat more or if I needed to restrict my food for the rest of the day.

I was out of touch with my body and I felt insane and trapped inside my own mind. I felt hopeless and like there was no way out.

But the big turning point for me was when my 18 month old little girl had fell down, scraped her knees, and immediately (through her tears) asked for a treat! I realized at that moment that I had literally been conditioning my children to turn to food to soothe and comfort themselves. I was setting them up to experience ‘food hell’.

I began a frantic search online to find a quick fix. The “magic pill” to solve all my problems. I tried a couples different diets… but as an emotional eater; it only made my binges on food even worse.

I had periods of doing well & then falling of again. I seemed to always have this nagging voice in my head that said I would never be good enough. And I could never change.

I found myself using “will power” to try to change. And while I did release some weight, that will power fizzled out and I gained back all the weight I had lost and then some.

I felt hopeless and frustrated. I didn’t realize that I had a lot of underlying beliefs that were not allowing me to live a healthy lifestyle. I just focused on my actions and results. I was missing out on the key to the puzzle.

Although I wanted to do it on my own… I knew that I needed to reach out for support if I wanted to find a permanent solution.

I read many books that helped me learn more and get in tune with the real me. I also reached out to mentors and coaches to get the support I needed to succeed.

I started feeling more balanced and was able to nurture my mind, body, and soul in ways that I wasn’t able to before.  Without dieting, my body released the extra weight it was carrying, and I’ve kept it off for all these years! I am now in tune with my body and it feels natural to care for her in ways that support me in living my life with purpose!

I am now on my way to being healthy in every aspect of my life (a life long journey!). I’m not perfect and I do stumble from time to time. But I now know how to pick myself back up and move on.

I knew that I wanted to help others overcome food and body images issues, so I decided to get the education I needed to do just that! I am now a S.W.A.T. certified Empowerment Coach! And I am blessed to be able to offer many women (and the occasional man) the support needed to create peace with their bodies and food.

I would love to be part of your support system to create the freedom you want with food and in your life!  Learn more about how to make that happen here.

All the information on this site is what I have learned about binge eating and how to overcome it.

I am reaching out to YOU to support you in creating the life you want to live.

I believe that one of our main purposes, as human beings, is to help others.

I know my journey is just now beginning. I can see many wonderful things beginning to take place. I am more happy, and I am now learning how to be the one in control of my own life and not be at the mercy of outside circumstances.

I am actually living my life on purpose. 

I hope that this website gives you the knowledge you need to overcome binge eating.


All my Best,

Stefanie Nielsen

I want to know what you think! Give me your feedback and suggestions on how I could make this site better to help you!