Focus: 5 Questions to get it Back

I don’t know about you, but I find that my focus can shift rather quickly throughout my day.   It could be in response to a situation, thought, emotion, etc.

One minute I can have everything lined out for a healthy productive day and then the next minute – I’m running in the opposite direction.

I used to get completely frustrated with this!  I also used to be very judgmental and critical of myself when nothing seemed to flow like I had planned in my mind.  I have learned that when I choose to think and act in this way – my day would unravel even further!!

The good news is that I’ve found that by shifting my thinking and perspective – I can completely turn my day around.  This allows me to experience my original intention of having a healthy and productive day with the right mindset.

I’d like to share with you 5 questions I ask myself to get back on track – these questions were inspired by using the word FOCUS as an acronym.

Hopefully they will inspire you!


F- Faith or Fear: Are my thoughts centered in faith or fear right now?

O- Outcome: What outcome do I want for my day?

C- Change: How can I change my perception right now?

U- Unsuspected: Is there an unsuspected solution available to me?

S- Shift: What thought can I shift to that is believable to me and feels good?

The beauty of using questions is that our brain naturally operates in questions and answers.  The best way to turn your day (or your life!) around is to work with with your mind and start asking better questions.

When your day starts to go a bit wacky – take a deep breath and ask yourself questions.  You may just find a whole new experience unfold!!

What questions help you keep your focus?

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